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About Us

Welcome To Mediseats Abroad

If you are looking for an Education Consultant who can advise you about MBBS in Abroad or Medical PG overseas, Mediseats Abroad based in Chennai is the right choice. Mediseats Abroad specializes in counselling and providing career guidance for students who want to become medical professionals. We work with the best of the Medical Universities Abroad which are approved by MCI and WHO and offer direct Admission in MBBS in these Universities. We not only provide admission support in MBBS but also we guide the students until they get into PG.

We not only help the students for MBBS Abroad but also guide them through their journey to get into PG whether in the USA or Germany. In case they prefer to come back to India, we provide online coaching options to clear MCI NEXT and appear for NEET PG here. Based on the needs of the students we offer the required guidance.

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Why Mediseats Abroad?

  • In Mediseats Abroad we offer very professional and honest advice.
  • We deal only with the Best MCI/WHO Approved Universities teaching in English medium.
  • We suggest top universities with low budget and charge a minimum processing fee.
  • For the students who join MBBS through us we provide guidance up to PG based on their preference.
  • For early registrations, we offer Free Online Coaching for MBBS Final Exam –National Exit Test (NEXT).
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Complete Career Guidance

We help students to get direct MBBS in Abroad in the best of Universities in countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Armenia, Bangladesh, Germany, etc. While doing so we also guide the students to choose the right one suiting their budget and other preferences. Once the student has selected the University, we do the required documentation for Visa processing and arrange for the travel ticket. When the student travels he/she is received by our representatives who take care of all the documentation requirements of the student including bank account opening in the new country. Our representatives support the student until he/she settles in the new environment comfortably. While the student is studying MBBS we provide additional online coaching options for clearing Indian MCI NEXT or for passing PLAB/USMLE to get PG in UK/USA. If the student chooses Germany for PG, we provide all support and guidance for the same.


Every year, lakhs of students compete for getting a medical seat in India. Unfortunately, due to tough competition and budget constraints, most of the students are unable to get into MBBS in India and tend to look for an alternative. In such conditions, medical universities abroad come to the rescue of Indian students. There are many reputed Universities in different countries offering MBBS studies at an affordable cost. At the same time, there are a lot of pitfalls that students should be aware of. In Mediseats Abroad, we provide expert advice to students and ensure that they make the right decision of their life.


Many people raise this question: whether is it worth studying MBBS in Abroad. Very often the reason for this question is the low percentage of pass in MCI clearance by Foreign Medical Graduates. While this may be true, the reason for the low pass percentage is largely due to lack of preparation by the students. Like NEET this requires separate coaching preferably from their early days of MBBS so that the students are thorough in all their subjects and tuned from day one to attend this exam. From 2022 this exam is common for all students whether studies in India or Abroad and this will be called National Exit Test (NEXT). In Mediseats Abroad we arrange for online coaching and offer this as a package for all students who join MBBS in Abroad through us.

MBBS IN Abroad - Points to Consider

  • Avoid an Agent and take expert advice from a Medical Education Consultant.
  • Choose a reputed, Fully English medium teaching University approved by MCI/WHO.
  • Have a clear plan for PG and choose your University accordingly.
  • Don’t stretch your budget fully for MBBS since preparing for PG admission requires some funds.
  • If you plan to return to India after MBBS, get online coaching for National Exit Test – MCI NEXT from the day of joining MBBS
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MBBS IN ABROAD – Advantages

Low To medium Budget

In India, the students can study in Government Colleges with very minimal Tuition Fees. Unfortunately, only 2-3% of the MBBS aspirants have a chance to study in Government Colleges. For the rest of the students, the only option left is to try in Private Colleges or Deemed Universities. The Budget in Private Colleges varies from 30 lakhs to 70 lakhs depending on whether it is Government Quota Seat or Management Quota Seat and in deemed universities, the budget crosses Rs 1 Crore. At the same time, some of the best Medical universities of Russia, Ukraine, China offer very good quality education with budgets between 22 lakhs to 45 lakhs depending on their infrastructure, location, and other considerations.

No Entrance Exam for Admission

Except in the Philippines, students don’t have to need to appear for any additional entrance exams to secure a seat in MBBS in Abroad. Even if there is an entrance exam by any university they are just a formality to test basic knowledge including the English language. They also don’t need to clear language exams such as IELTS.

Extremely Low Cost of Living

One of the major advantages of pursuing MBBS in ABROAD is low living costs. The majority of countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine where Indian students go offer an extremely low cost of living starting as low as Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month.

World-Class Infrastructure

The medicinal universities abroad especially in China provide a world-class infrastructure, with all modern equipment and facilities.

International Exposure

There is a good chance to meet the students coming from different countries, ethnicity, and background while studying at Medical Universities Abroad. This exposure will be of great help for all the students.

Hostel Accommodation & Safety

Most of the universities abroad offer hostel facilities for international students within the campus, where they are provided with top-class facilities. Indian students will be happy to know that the majority of medical universities Abroad, offer Indian food too. Many Universities provide separate hostels for boys and girls and these are generally very safe.

English Medium

Medical programs are taught in English for international students. These programs are specifically designed for the international community and managed separately. Hence, language is not a barrier to medical education. At the same, the students should be very careful in choosing the University which teaches all 6 years in English since some of the Russian or Chinese Universities offer bi-lingual programs. This is where an educational consultant will be helpful.

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